About Our Service

We are your buying office here in China.

Our 1-stop sourcing service:

1.  Supplier sourcing: to collect all potential suppliers' info for the customers choice and reference. We have rich supplier resources to meet your buying demands from China.

2.  Factory assessment: to visit the factory and evaluate the manufacturer on your behalf.

3.   Price negotiation: we are experienced in the negotiation of contracts with factories, freight carriers, warehouses, banks, Inspection Bureau and Customs, to cut costs.

4.   New product development: to help a manufacturer understand your technical requirements; to collect technical drawings, NPD samples and arrange the samples final approval.

5.  Quality control & on time delivery: the most important issues in purchasing from China will be the finished product's quality and the shipment date to buyers. Our rich experience on process & production management will be the guarantee for your long term business

6.  Warehousing service: we can arrange different batches of deliveries from several of your suppliers, to increase loadability of ocean containers.

7.  Logistics serviceto help find the best shipping partner. Having excellent relationships with forwarders, we can help you to reduce the freight costs.

8.  International financing: our knowledge of payment and financing control enables us to suggest cost-saving purchasing options, and protect your interests, and the most important- money/payment safety!.

9.  Customs clearance: we can work with your Customs brokers to deal with local governments, export restrictions, and make the exportation process more effective and efficient.

With extensive international trade experience in industries across China, we are the right choice to be your buying consultant in China for different product categories. But, most importantly, we will follow up the whole operations process. Our after sales service and problem shooting ability will fully guarantee your interests.
When you visit manufacturers in China, if any assistance should be needed, we will:

1.  pick you up at the airport.
2.  book the hotel for you.
3.  help to buy the air tickets.
4.  accompany you to visit the show and exhibition.
5.  accompany you to visit the factory, take notes and also be your interpreter


We will be your local Buying Department in China, you don't have to set up the company and register here purchase from China but with no extra overhead!