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are we?

Professionals in export and import for over 20 years, we are based both in Europe (Italy, UK), and China.

Celtronica UK Ltd is a UK based company with a representative office in Brescia, Italy that operates in the buying consulting sector. Our mission is to serve buyers from Europe and the USA.

UGI LTD operates in London and invested HotSell platform in Guangzhou, China, which is one of the most dynamic areas in China. We have a long experience on the Chinese market, and we offer support to our European offices and buyers around the world.

Our dynamism is reflected by our 3 activities:

- Factory agent: help factories to access the right overseas buyers.
- Purchasing office: assist purchasers to meet appropriate local Chinese partners in order to achieve continuous competitive costs.
- Turn-key operations: full set of buying services including factory sourcing, supplier evaluation, price negotiation, new product development, sample review, production supervision, quality control, logistics, customs clearance, money flow, risks control, etc.

Celtronica and UGI were created from a need to have a top rate product at a competitive price, but with 100% control over the entire manufacturing process in China. To this end, we have experience, knowhow and contacts with all the local economic actors; we stand as the choice partner for your buying from China.

Skilled staffs with knowledge of business cross-culture and diverse business practices, aware of your needs, offer an efficient and adapted solution for your supplies of imported products in different industries, right down to the smallest detail.



We acting as a link between Chinese manufacturers and Western buyers.

We are a trustworthy partner for Western importers.

We offer proper supplier research which exposes true pricing points, identifies qualified partners and results in significant savings for the client when sourcing from China.

We ensure the best service in sourcing and importing the right product at the lowest cost.

We guarantee that the intellectual property (IP) of our customers will be safeguarded.

We offer an affordable option for clients who do not have the time, energy, language skills or China business experience required, to visit and evaluate potential suppliers in China.

We are not a trading company, we get quotation from factory and pass to our buyers directly we never make money from adding our margins to a factory's price, but we only charge on what kind of service needed by a buyer.



we do for you?

Why use UGI buying consulting service

Most of Chinese manufactories lack English communication ability and experiences to deal with foreign buyers, and they need to export through export & import companies. We are not a trading company that we never add our margins onto Ex-work prices we only charge on our services required by a buyer.

The advantage of UGI service

We do not put price in the top and only charge for our service. You are dealing directly with manufacturers.
We act according to your instruction on your behalf
We source many suppliers for your comparison to save your costs
We evaluate potential suppliers and recommend good suppliers
We supervise the process and inform you any problems as early as possible
We take action in time instead of firefighting to guarantee on time delivery & high quality
We help you reduce the costs, overheads, and CIF prices

How to use our service

Information your need to provide

Company background and contact information
Specification of products
Quantity and quality demand
Price term
Requirement of factory (certification, scale, experience or others)
How many potential suppliers you want to check
Do you need to arrange inspection trip