Why Buy From China?

Overseas manufacturing has been practiced for decades. Recent advances in logistics and technologies have placed outsourcing within reach of most companies.

Buying from China = CPR(cost price reduction)!
The best reason for buying your next batch from China is the financial incentive. Given the similar quality and the added margins of being able to do more customization, the only thing you have to sacrifice is to get the design and production finished earlier to allow for an extra few weeks in shipping.

Just cost?
Naturally it’s of considerable importance during an economic downturn but, there are the benefits of
·Taking advantage of one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest growing economies which, in turn, means
·A highly versatile and skilled workforce
·A specialization in nearly any product line imaginable

But indeed, why buy from China?
The simple reason is: Because you can!
Look through the following points:

Again - Save Money
On average, our customers can save from 20% to 50% off their manufacturing costs; some have saved as much as 70%! With higher margins, you can cover any new costs emerged of buying from China.

More Customization
Manufacturing in China still allows ample room for a high degree of customization. This unique feature alone will make your job stand out from your competitors’ run-of-the-mill kind of work.

Fast Turn-Around
Turn-around is now faster compared to a few years ago. Ocean freight, customs, and ground transportation usually take two to three weeks. When schedule is tight, a partial shipment by air can be arranged.

Great Quality
Our factories are fully trained to cater to the quality needs of customers worldwide.
In practice, all of our manufacturers are ISO certified or undergoing certification. For those jobs that require on-site checks while in production, we can even package your job to include air fare and accommodation.

With the financial crisis sweeps the developed world, buying from China to cut costs would be your only choice for survival – no hesitation, every company seems to stand behind one jumping-off point now – it’s time to make your rational decision!