Why Buy From China?

Why buy from China?


Costs down, Save, and Save More! The best reason for buying your next batch from China is the financial incentive. Given the similar quality and the added margins of being able to do more customization, the only thing you have to sacrifice is to get the design and production finished earlier to allow for an extra 2or 3 weeks in shipping. Just cost?

If Buying Directly?

If buying directly?


While the pros of buying from China have been dealt with above, there are many cons in buying directly from China, which are not always obvious. It might be the dilemma for a decision maker, but while it is potentially CPR (cost price reduction), it might not be for everyone. Why?

where To Find Us?

where to find us?


Celtronica Brescia Office   UGI London Office   HotSell GZ Office

Why we make sourcing easy?

Why We Make Sourcing Easy?

We operate both in Europe and China. Our Celtronica UK Ltd has office in Brescia, Italy; and the UGI Ltd based in London; b2b platform HotSell set up Guangzhou Office for localized business links.
Turn-key buying and consulting service: our service starts from factory sourcing to port of destination delivery.
20 years of practice & experience in the international trade.
Rich knowledge of serving western customers' needs.
As bridge to bring overseas resources to your front door.
GZ office provides local management of all jobs in China.
Not tied-down to one manufacturer or one industry; our network sourcing anything!